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Powered by nature, driven by
 ranchers, and backed by data

Turn your business into a force for regeneration and renewal.
Nature-based soil carbon storage is measured, independently
 certified, and at the scale and flexibility you need.  

Total Transparency

See the impact of your purchase – 80% of profit goes directly to ranchers and farmers.

Backed by Data

Carbon Storage Credits verified and issued by independent 3rd parties.

Global Impact

We serve over 4 mm acres of grazing land and are rapidly expanding.

Trusted by global brands

No Additional Tools Needed

Grassroots provides PastureMap software to help manage land, grazing plans, and soil health

The result is a data-rich platform for sellers to manage their grazing lands while storing carbon.

Our 3-Step Process

Grassroots offers an independently certified way to ensure
your carbon storage needs are delivered by data backed
regenerative ranchers and farmers.

and Farmers

Step 1

Enter Ranch Details

Our team will review your eligibility to determine if you qualify to participate.

Step 2

Join Our Network

Learn about the process from other land owners, review our soil agreement, and schedule your soil sampling.

Step 3

Collect Profits

We take care of the certification and buyers, so you can focus on your land. When credits are sold you get 80% of the profit.

Step 1

Contact Us

Meet with our team to design a solution tailored to fit your specific carbon footprint goals.

Step 2

Buy Carbon Storage

Set up one time or recurring purchases to fit your carbon storage needs.

Step 3

Measure Your Impact

Access case studies and data reports to see how you are helping restore America’s farms and ranches.

For Carbon

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Why Shopify trusts Grassroots Carbon to meet their carbon storage needs

“The world needs ambitious entrepreneurs like those at Grassroots Carbon to continue pushing the carbon removal frontier, and chart the course for those who will follow in what is shaping up to be humanity’s most important industry yet.”

Stacy Kauk

Director of Shopify’s Sustainability Fund

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Whether we are making it easier to reduce your carbon footprint or helping you get paid for carbon storage services, together we can make America’s grasslands bloom.