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Why Time Matters More than Space with Jim Gerrish from American Grazing Lands

January 19, 2023 @ 6:30 pm 8:00 pm UTC-6

The grazing cycle consists of two time periods, the grazing period and the recovery period. Mostly negative things happen to the plants and soil during the grazing period. Leaves are grazed so photosynthesis is reduced resulting in reduced energy flow to roots and soil microbes. Root systems contract and mineral and water uptake is reduced. Hoof impact may result in pugging and soil compaction. The main positive during the grazing period is nutrient return through dung and urine. Mostly positive things happen during the recovery period. Leaves start regrowing so photosynthesis accelerates. Energy flow to the root system and rhizosphere is resumed. Logically, we should therefore make grazing periods as short as possible while optimizing length of recovery periods. In this webinar, Jim will discuss the how to maximize both the grazing and recovery period to get the most out of your pastures and prevent overgrazing from damaging soil health.