The Team Behind Grassroots Carbon

We partner corporate carbon buyers looking to reduce their carbon
footprint with landowners who are engaged in regenerative practices
in a win-win for buyers, landowners, and the environment.

Meet the team

Grassroots Carbon is made up of smart, creative, and inspired people working to fundamentally change how the world approaches carbon storage. Our team offers companies a simple, reliable,

trusted way to meet their carbon reduction targets through certified soil

carbon storage credits. 

Simply put, we make it easier for you to sell and buy natural carbon storage

Dr. Henk Mooiweer Profile picture
Dr. Henk Mooiweer
CEO, Co-Founder

Henk is an innovation expert and entrepreneur who has successfully led many disruptive and high impact opportunities to implementation. During a 25-year career at Shell he launched many complex business opportunities and created productive alliances between unconventional partners. He is an Adjunct Professor at Rice University where he teaches invention and innovation.

Lew Moorman
Co-Founder, Chairman

Co-Founder at Scaleworks and Soilworks Natural Capital. Previously, Lew spent 13 years at Rackspace serving in a variety of roles including Board Director, President and Chief Strategy Officer, while the company grew to $2 billion in annual sales.

Mitch Hagney
Mitch Hagney
VP Land Steward Success 

Mitch Hagney has worked throughout the food supply chain with a focus on sustainability and equitable distribution for over a decade. Through food forests, hydroponic farming, regenerative ranching, municipal code changes, healthy corner store initiatives, and other work, he is dedicated to an improved food system.

Ed Byrne

Investing and growing SaaS companies at Scaleworks, financing SaaS at ElementSaaS and investing in growing the Regenerative Agriculture ecosystem at Soilworks.

Daniel T headshot
Vitalii Onyshchuk 
PastureMap Developer

Vitalii delivers an intuitive application experience for all of our users. He launches new application concepts, implements user feedback and ensures our suite of applications stays updated.

Deborah Kryak

Deb brings successful deployment of operational excellence principles across a number of companies and industries to the Grassroots team. Deb's commitment to exceptional customer service and internal organizational development in high growth and dynamic environments is a great match with the foundation already built within Grassroots.

Mandy Saal
Marketing Specialist

Mandy has passion for building client relationships, creative vision and driving results that span the entire marketing spectrum. Her goal is to strengthen the landowner network and increase engagement by promoting regenerative agriculture education and carbon credit market information.

 Lukasz Szymański
Łukasz Szymański
PastureMap Developer

A software engineer focused on making life easier for application users. Lukasz strives to deliver the highest quality code that is easy to maintain and scale. He likes to learn new things and put the acquired knowledge into practice.

Kara Kroeger 
Regenerative Practice Partner

Kara Kroeger’s mission is to create awareness of human, animal, and land health through providing regenerative agriculture education and technical assistance to farmers and ranchers. Kara coordinates regenerative management education programs that improve soil health and ecosystem services.

Jakub Szkodny
PastureMap Developer

An engineer who loves animals. Gained experience at companies like Filestack, under the wings of top developers. He's consistently learning new things and implementing them to make applications more innovative.

Kevin Tu (PhD)
Senior Ecologist

Kevin is an ecosystem scientist with a 25+ year expertise in enabling quantitative methods in carbon and water cycling, from models to measurements and drones to satellites. He has been known to think like a plant and strives to translate ecosystem intuition into mathematical equations that advance the science behind environmental land stewardship.

Bartosz Nowak
PastureMap Developer

Bartosz is a frontend developer supporting our web applications. He is in line with best practices from the software development world and always makes sure that our team follows the right path while coding.

Maverick Hicks
Land Steward Engagement Partner  

Maverick is an ecstatic relationship builder dedicated to making a positive impact in the industry. He enjoys getting involved in all facets of a landowner’s transition into regenerative practices, and is intent on continuous learning and improvement.

Leslie Clark
Land Steward Partner Lead

Leslie has a background in finding creative solutions to serve the business needs of ranchers. She has a passion for developing client relationships and educating clients through all parts of the process.

Annabeth McCall
Carbon Credit Specialist

Annabeth is an environmental scientist with a background in soil carbon dynamics and water resources management. She is excited to collaborate on projects that foster climate resilience through soil resources management and land stewardship throughout agriculture systems.

Olivia Lucero
Marketing Specialist

Olivia is an experienced business-to-business marketer specializing in content and product marketing. A true content nerd, she loves building out content strategies and multi-touch attribution models. She was briefly a shepherd in Ireland where she started her sustainability journey.

Kalin Sittler Headshot
Kalin Sittler
PastureMap Success Partner

Kalin is a Success Manager from the small town of Falls City, TX. Her love for seeing her clients achieve their goals and welcoming personality has made her a perfect fit within PastureMap. She is committed to working with her team to get PastureMap to be the #1 Land Management Application in the world!

Reed Hawn Headshot
Reed Hawn
Land Steward Partner

Reed's background in the public and private sectors provides him a unique perspective when serving client needs. His passion for the natural environment is what drives him to be an effective asset to land stewards.

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Together we can make America’s grasslands bloom.



Grassroots Carbon Origin Story

How two Texas based companies came together to form Grassroots Carbon

“The opportunity to create the leading carbon marketplace to accelerate this move was a no-brainer. We expect in 20 years we will look back at this as a key moment of change in the food and climate industries”

Lew Moorman

Board chair of Grassroots Carbon and co-founder of Soilworks Natural Capital

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